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Royston H. Delaney

Representing Whistleblowers, Qui Tam Boston Attorney, Rory Delaney

Royston “Rory” Delaney has substantial courtroom experience and has tried dozens of jury cases in his career, both as a prosecutor and defense lawyer. For the last ten years, Rory has concentrated his practice on representing whistleblowers in qui tam matters. Most recently, Rory was one of the lead lawyers in the whistleblower suit United States ex rel Westmoreland v Amgen et al., which was litigated up to the steps of the courthouse and precipitated the company’s announcement of a $780 million settlement

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Charles F. Kester

Appellate Attorney, Qui Tam, False Claims Act California and Federal Lawyer, Charles Kester

Charles “Chuck” Kester is a founding partner of Delaney Kester LLP, and the partner in charge of DK’s Los Angeles office.  Mr. Kester is an experienced trial and appellate attorney, with twenty years of litigation experience in the state and federal courts of California, and other jurisdictions.  Mr. Kester has tried numerous cases, including both jury trials and court trials – many of which involved multi-million dollar claims.During the past decade, Mr. Kester has represented whistleblowers residing in California and in other regions of the country, most notably the case of United States ex rel. Westmoreland v. Amgen, Inc., et al. That litigation, which was hard-fought and lasted over six years, ultimately settled on the eve of trial, with Amgen agreeing to pay $780 million in settlement of both the Client’s claims and those of other whistleblowers. 

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Ilyas J. Rona, Of Counsel

Whistleblower Attorney, experienced trial lawyer, Boston False Claims Act Attorney, Ilyas Rona

Ilyas J. Rona works with Delaney Kester out of its Boston office. For well over a decade, Mr. Rona has been helping relators obtain multi-million dollar recoveries in their False Claims Acts cases.

Mr. Rona concentrates primarily on health care fraud cases, including prescription drug marketing cases, medical device cases, and cases involving illegal conduct by pharmacies, compounding pharmacies, and specialty pharmacies. Mr. Rona also has experience with cases involving fraudulent billing and reimbursement by hospitals and other health care providers. He has investigated and helped uncover numerous illegal practices, including up-coding, bundling and un-bundling, billing for services never received, kickbacks, and lack of medical necessity. Mr. Rona devotes much of his time to obtaining and analyzing evidence in False Claims Acts cases. In most lucrative fraud cases, the scheme is massive and the necessary proof is scattered across millions of pages of documents.

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